Meditation Mondays

7pm Every Monday

Excluding bank holidays
£5 per person
Designed for those 16 and above
Perfect for those who feel they are novice or expert at meditating
No need to book, just be at the salon at 7pm


Structure of the evening

7.10pm Open the space

We do a small guided visualisation to leave the busy day behind and truly arrive in the moment

Talking stick

We pass around the talking stick, a problem shared is a problem halved. We all try to be mindful of not taking more time than necessary so everyone who wishes to share has chance to share.

Palo Santo cleanse

The facilitator now cleanses every individual and the space. A moment to dissipate what may have come up when sharing and get ready for journeying and being truly in the moment.


Guided meditation

A different topic each week, it may be quite general or very specific. The facilitator goes with their gut/intuition and this usually happens the day before. Trust as they do, that what is meant to be will be and is always for the greater good.



Our talking stick comes back to play. Only share if you want to, that was your private journey. The magic, the breakthroughs, revisiting memories, receiving wisdom. So many things can happen during meditation. 


After any work like this it is important to ground before heading back into the world.

Tea, coffee, chat

How wonderful it is to spend some free time with like minded individuals and have a brew and maybe a biscuit.

Things to bring


Cushions   Blankets   Pillows   Sleeping bags   

Camping chair/deck chair (if you can't manage sitting on the floor) 

Bring what will make you comfy.

Other items you love such as

Crystals  Cards   Journals  Pens  Pictures



Coffee, tea, soya milk, fruit teas 

and biscuits will be provided

PS. we have underfloor heating

Meditation Class
Image by Zoltan Tasi
Image by Matteo Di Iorio